A Little BIG News!

Caley holds her swollen belly to announce her second pregnancy. The image is zoomed in on her belly, cutting off her head and lower half. She is wearing a handmade red knit dress with two hearts embroidered on it with the initials "C+f" and "M+M"

I’m sharing a bit of big news in today’s post! In fact, it’s the second greatest Me-Made project I’ve worked on to date! Keep reading to find out what it is!

Today I just wanted to pop in and share a big project I’ve been working on lately that I could not be more thrilled about. In case you don’t follow me on Insta and you haven’t already heard…

…I’m pregnant with baby #2! Our daughter, Mae Bird will be here sometime in the summer and my little family of 3 could not be more excited to add the 4th seat at our table!

Over the Valentine’s Day weekend, I made my first garment specifically for the bump, and I decided to make it extra special by embroidering these sweet Valentine’s hearts with my family’s initials:

C+F for my husband Franco and me

M+M for our girls Mirah and Mae.

This piece will forever have its own place in my heart, and I don’t see myself ever letting it go!

I hope your holiday weekend was just as magical, and as always, I’m so so lucky and grateful to have all of you along with me on this radical ride called life! Whether you’re an avid reader or just a casual viewer who likes to pop in and out, I’m glad you’re here to share this space with me and make awesome things together.



P.S. – I’m wearing the Billie Sweatshirt dress from Tilly and the Buttons. You can read my full pattern review here!

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