A Peek Into My UFO Pile


If your Un-Finished Objects (UFO) pile doesn’t get completely out of control at some point, can you even call yourself a maker? I’ve been setting random things- from jeans that need a new button attached to garments I’ve cut out but not sewn- into this UFO box throughout the year and it has finally reached the point of overflow. I’m an “out of sight out of mind” kinda girl, so the fact that this box of sadness is hidden in my closet probably hasn’t helped matters much. So, I’ve decided that in between new projects, I’m going to challenge myself to pull one piece out of the pile to finish and finally be done with so I can get this little corner of my craft room closet back. I think this back and forth will be a good compromise since I won’t have to rob myself of sewing new things, but I’ll still get the sense of accomplishment from ticking something off the To-Do list.


The piece I know I’m going to work on next is this pair of skull embroidered jeans. I fucking love these jeans, y’all. They are now way to small for me (they’re not even close to buttoning closed!) but I just can’t part with them. Since this is spooky season, I though it would be a great time to do something new with them. I’m think of deconstructing them to *hopefully* refashion them into a denim skirt. Keep our fingers crossed for me!


I am the devil. I promised my husband well over a year ago I would fix some of his work clothes for him. The worst part is, he didn’t even ask, I offered with a very heavy hand. And all they really need it popped seams closed or buttons sewn back on. I could probably finish all of them in less than an hour. Woops, my bad 😬


I cut out this vintage reproduction dress and cropped top combo for summer 2019. EEEEEEEEPPPP! Looking at it, I know what’s holding me back is the top- as adorable as it is, I just don’t see myself wearing it. I do, however, think this full black skirt with gold buttons would look great with some of my chunky sweaters and boots for fall/winter, so I’m giving myself permission to let the top go and just sew the skirt. I feel like a freed woman!

I hope you had fun having a lil peep at my Stash of Shame, haha! I feel so much better just having created an action plan to tackle it though, so at least I got that going for me. Now if only I could figure out my yarn stash…

Do you have a UFO pile? How do you stay on top of it? I’d love to hear your tips + tricks!

Happy making!



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