Look, I’d love to tell you that I’ve been an expert such-n-such and award-winning whatever excelling in my passions for years and years but the truth is, the road to my passions was more of a roller coaster than a road and I have yet to cross the finish line with rounds of applause and champagne bottles poppin’. The truth of the matter is…I’m still on it. In fact, I’ve only just begun! Here’s how it started:

When my husband’s career change uprooted our little Motor City family to Toledo, I was more than caught off guard. I said goodbye to my life as a stylist and retail store manager (a job I LOVED and rocked for nearly a decade), left behind all my friends and family, packed up our barely 1-year-old daughter, and hit the road for a whole new life in the middle of nowhere in a matter of two weeks. You know what that left me with? A whole lotta time to sit and think “now what?” Yeah, it wasn’t very pretty for a minute there.

After coming to the sobering realization that no fairy Godmother was showing up to wave a magic wand to reconfigure a perfect life for me, I decided to sit down and ask myself “If money were no object and I could live however I wanted to, what would my best most beautiful life look like? What would I wear? Where would I be? Who’d be around me and what would I spend my days doing?” I then realized that my wildest fantasies actually weren’t that wild. I realized that if I truly did want to make a life that made me happy, I could do it. Like…today. The only thing stopping me was my fear of what other people might think, trying and failing, trying and succeeding, and saying “no”.

So, I had the biggest ugly cry session on my yoga mat while my kid took her nap, inhaled my cold coffee, and gave myself permission to let it all go and got to work. What came next was the most radical ride I’ve been loving for the past 3 years with no intention of slowing down. I truly believe that our best, most beautiful lives are not only something that we can have- it’s something we make. Let me say that again for the cheap seats in the back: YOU CAN MAKE A LIFE THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.

So what does a happy life look like for me? It’s one where I spend an hour a day at my sewing table wearing the incredibly comfy jumpsuit I crafted myself while listening to my records as my daughter finger paints next to me. It’s one where I slay my me-made wardrobe (and not the other way around) in a way that expresses on the outside who I am and how I feel on the inside. It’s one where I live more sustainably and don’t have to worry about what I’m putting on my skin or using to clean my countertops because I know the ingredients are both natural and safe. And last but certainly not least, it’s one where I can make people feel like they can show up imperfect and start their journey to more happy now, just as they are and with a friend in their corner. Because let’s face it, making friends is hard as an adult, and loneliness doesn’t look cute on anyone. Wherever you’re at right now, I promise I’ve been there before and I am right here with you to cheer you onto the next step! It’s you and me, babe. We got this!

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