Blue Jean Baby – The Ashton Top from Helen’s Closet

My first make of 2020 and I am thrilled to add the Ashton Top from Helen’s Closet to my closet and to my list of tried + true patterns.

As a beginner sewist, I know that churning out a few makes that don’t quite work is inevitable. A big part of the creative process is embracing the fun of failure…right…right?! But after a couple of misses (both before I could even finish the project), I needed a win to boost my confidence back up. I was hoping for something quick, simple, and yet unique and fun to help liven up my spring wardrobe. I was also hoping to find a pattern I could add to my still non-existent “Tried & True” repertoire as I begin building my me-made wardrobe. Friends, I’m happy to say I found it with the Ashton top from Helen’s Closet!

At first I was a bit stuck on what to make since I don’t stash fabric and my state of Ohio is currently under COVID-19 lockdown, so I wasn’t able to go out and buy something new. Then I remembered that when this pattern was released, Helen (the designer) celebrated with “Ashton August” and a whole slew of pattern hacks- my favorite being this step-hem frayed denim version. Since I had some lightweight denim leftover from my Seamwork Moji pants, I thought this would be the perfect scrap buster project to use up the rest.

I chose not to do the step hem, and left the curved bottom as opposed to what she suggested for this pattern hack. I really wanted this to be a true crop top to pair with my high-waisted jeans and a skirt I’m dreaming up, as well as being a great layering piece for my spring cardigans.

The only major issue I have with the top is the bra situation. The arm-holes are a tad too big, but not enough to bother me. For my next Ashton, I’ll probably take up the shoulders about an inch or so, and lengthen the top about 2″ to make up the difference and offer a liiiiitttle more belly coverage. But for this shreddy version, I love the shorter length!

I also opted to do the facings version instead of the binding, simply because I didn’t have enough fabric to create the bias binding (even in a different, contrasting color). Although I think this would have been the better option to reduce bulk from this thicker fabric, I don’t feel like the finished product is too heavy or chunky on my body, so I’m ok with the facings.

I will also add that this was my first time ever using the “burrito method”. Y’all, I was straight up SCARED at first…”I’m supposed to wrap what and sew along where?!?” Honestly, your girl coulda used a margarita. Although the illustrations and instructions included with the pattern were detailed and helpful, I’m a visual learner. This quick tutorial really helped me out!

I took these pictures with my top being hot off the machine because I just couldn’t wait to wear it! But I am really itching to get this in the wash to let that frayed hem fluff up a bit more. Can you picture this crop top paired with a pleated midi skirt for spring, or black high-waited jeans for fall? SO FREAKING CUTE!!

I have some solid colored linen in my very tiny fabric pile that I think I might just be able to eek out another Ashton top. Maybe next time I’ll try the tulip-backed version? Although, I do have my eyes out for the dress version with a gathered skirt, so who knows which one I’ll be churning out next!

I’m so excited for my first make of 2020, and I’m thrilled to add the Ashton top as my first wardrobe essential T&T pattern. As I work towards a more curated closet, I’m really looking forward to discovering my go-to makes that I can lean on time and time again. What are some of your favorite patterns for spring? I’d love to check them out!

Happy making!




PATTERN: Ashton by Helen’s Closet

FABRIC: Denim from JoAnn Fabrics

SIZE: I made a size 12 (B cup size range), which ran true to size. My measurements are:

Bust: 37.5″

Waist: 30″

Hips: 40″

KNOWLEDGE OBTAINED: Burrito method for all your facing needs

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