A Few Things That Make Me Happy




Stay hydrated, but make it fashion. HA! No matter what I always have a water with lemon nearby without fail and it has got to be one of my go-to happiness boosters for sure. Here’s a few other things making me happy lately:

  1. Dark season 3 is on Netflix now! I think this may just be my favorite show of all time.

  2. We just got 2 of this rug. One for our entryway and one for our living room. Rave reviews. (it’s on sale now!)

  3. Obsessed

  4. Thinking of getting a weaving loom kit. Have you tried your hands at weaving? Thoughts?

  5. I just started a free trial of Mimi G’s Sew It Academy and I’m really excited to improve my sewing skills. I’ll probably become a member, stay tuned!

  6. Finally bought this bench (in black) for our front entryway and just got this insanely beautiful pillow for it. I’m thinking of making another pillow to go with it, probably in this fabric. What do you think?

  7. Been listening to The Montessori Toddler audiobook and I am learning so much from it! Can’t recommend enough.

  8. Watched UP with my daughter for the first time (and yes, I totally cried…obviously!)

  9. I’ve been getting back into crocheting in a big way and I think this top would be the cutest thing to make for summer.

  10. I have been allowing myself to skip morning yoga and sleep in a few days the last couple of weeks and I am really enjoying more slower moving mornings (though my back has not been thanking me lol).

I hope you’re loving life and doing well.

Happy Friday!



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