Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that the world is pretty much on fire, bro (in a weird reality which would make living in a cave ideal). Since my 1/4 in elastic FINALLY arrived the other day, I have been back on the face mask train lately. Naturally, I had to share this handy and all too relevant #FreeMakeFriday – the face mask.


There are TONS of patterns, tutorials, and DIY’s out there, so really the biggest challenge is finding which one is right for you. As for me, I’ve stuck with the pattern from the first tutorial I saw- this pleated face mask shared on the JoAnn Fabrics website. I made a few for my own personal use weeks ago and they’ve gotten regular use from myself, my husband, and miraculously, my 3yo. I thought for sure she’d rip the mask off the moment I put it on her, but she actually really enjoys wearing it. Go figure!


**Please note that my daughter’s mask DOES, in fact, fit snuggly on her face…this photo was taken for my COVID journal right before we went back inside and after she’d already taken her mask off, so it’s just haphazardly sitting smooshed against her scarf and sunnies. We always make sure she’s properly protected before going out. Don’t message me :)** For her mask, I just halved all the included measurements and it fit like a glove. Try it yourself if you have smaller ones in the house, just make sure you achieve a snug fit around the face to form a barrier while comfortably covering the nose and chin. You can also tie the elastic around their ears for easier adjustments.


Right now I have enough materials cut out to make a little over 100 masks to ship to a few family members and local health care professionals. I’m so excited my craft has enabled me to do my little part to help those who could really use it right now in this capacity. Also, can we just say a big “fuck yeah!” to all the amazing people in the health care industry doing the work of a million angels right now?!? THANK YOU!


Friendly reminder that we will get through this bizarre episode of the Twilight Zone together, wear a mask, wash your hands, and stay the fuck home.

Happy Making!



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