Let’s Go On A Coffee Date, Just Us Goyles

Hey there, friends! It’s my birthday soon, and while I’m sad I can’t go on a fun coffee date to celebrate with my friends in person, why not go on a virtual coffee date, just us goyles? I’m chatting about what I’m up to these days, and I’d love to hear what’s up with you, too!

Tomorrow is my 31st birthday and I have some weird mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I’m pretty excited to get donuts with my best girl, veg out in front of the TV, and enjoy a relaxing evening with my family over cake. Low key sounds pretty good to me right now! On the other hand, I’m disappointed I won’t be able to enjoy an evening out over drinks with my guy or meet up with my best friends for a celebratory coffee date. Look, I get it- it’s so so important that we all do our part to keep distancing and staying home as much as possible to keep everyone safe. I’m here for it! (also, please for the love of God wear your mask!) But I still feel lonely and I do wish I could just go out for an hour or so by myself to enjoy adult conversation with the people I love. I know a lot of us are feeling that way.

So, today I thought it could be fun to check in with you for a little chat, just us goyles! Think of it as a virtual coffee date (or wine date. You do you, my friend!). I would love to just be able to take a second to let you in on what I’m up to and how I’m doing, and it would mean the world to me if you could keep the conversation going and let me know the same about you! Feel free to comment below or DM me on Insta if that’s more your speed, but I’d really love to talk with you! Here’s what’s going on with me these days:

I’ll start with something fun- I am loving my cozy evening routine lately! I usually clean up the kitchen while Franco (my husband) puts our daughter to bed and then I rush to the couch to enjoy a small pocket of me-time. I sit in my little corner of the couch, pull on my favorite blanket (a Mexican blanket we bought on a trip to Arizona to visit my mom that is just the perfect weight, y’know what I mean?), inhale a few Hershey’s kisses with a glass of milk, then I knit while watching some comfort TV. My current binge is I Love Lucy on Hulu or Whose Line Is It Anyway on HBO. If it’s not Drew Carey, don’t even bother me with it, because those episodes are truly pure gold! Then Franco comes down and we cuddle and either talk or watch a movie or something, but that little 30 minutes just to myself is such a treat at the end of the day!

This one’s kind of a bummer but I think still pretty relatable- I cannot for the life of me get motivated to do anything these days. Even things I actually like doing like yoga or crafting. I don’t know if isolating for this long is finally getting to me, or if it’s the fact that there is barely any sunshine around here anymore (probably both) but usually, around 2 pm I am just knocked on my ass, unable to peel myself up off the couch. I hate it. My kid is getting wayyyy too much screen time out of it and I am beginning to feel more and more disconnected from myself. Truthfully, I’m not super mad about the screen time for my daughter so much- it happens, and we’re not able to get out as much, but I just feel that the TV is being used more as a babysitter than a tool to educate or entertain. I don’t want to check out of my own life, and I don’t want to teach my daughter to check out of her’s either. Who is that helping? The good news is that Franco got me a light therapy lamp as an early birthday present, and I treated myself to a new planner. I’m hoping that’s the winning combo I need to get me back in touch with my highest self and feeling more like me again. I’ll keep you posted on whether or not there’s an improvement, but I’d also love to know- have you tried a “happy” light before? Was it helpful? How do you get yourself out of a rut?

All that said, I’ve gotten to enjoy a few small wins over the past couple of weeks! First, there was the peaceful transition of power when it comes to the new POTUS here in the US. No matter what side you’re for, I think we can all agree that it was nice to see an event filled with unity and hope again. On the same day as the inauguration, Franco and I got some great (to us) news! For some backstory, we were having minor plumbing issues that actually turned out to be big plumbing issues. Like…could potentially cost us tens of thousands of dollars issues. 😬 Well, after days of hours-long inspections, it turns out that our city will be responsible for fixing the problem, not us! I celebrated by ordering a pizza, haha! Other than that, I’ve started planning out what my new sewing space will look like (more on that later!) and I could not be more thrilled! I have been having so much fun creating a mood board filled with fabric and yarn storage ideas. I’m evening thinking of using my current sewing table as a cutting/big craft project table and purchasing a second table to use for sewing instead, but I’m still on the fence about that one. Any suggestions?

Apart from those three things, we all still have our health over here which is something I am grateful for each and every single day. We’re all doing well, and my little girl is doing her very best to make the most out of this icky and super weird situation. There’s been a lot of hugging, a lot of crying, and a lot of kitchen dancing to Tina Turner. Life is good.

Whether this is your first time reading my blog or if you check-in along every week, I want you to know that I appreciate you and I’m so thankful that you’re here. Covid times suck, but it’s nice to know that the internet is actually a thing and that it’s so easy to connect with some pretty kick-ass people through my laptop screen as I sit in my pj’s at the kitchen table. So let’s be friends! Leave a comment below to say hi, connect with me over IG, or sign up for my weekly newsletter to keep tabs on everything else I get up to. Or, don’t do any of those things and maybe just pop back in every once in a while. Whatever way feels best to you to connect is alright with me! Stay well, stay safe, and know that I love you. Let’s get a coffee again sometime!

Until then, Happy Making!



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