Crochet Daisy Face Scrubbie Pattern


As I learn more about the zero-waste movement, the more I find myself looking for different ways to make my home and lifestyle more eco-friendly. But with pretty much everything these days coming pre-packaged in plastic wrap or made to be thrown away on sight…it can be really hard knowing where to start. Sound familiar to you? I will say, one thing that’s really helped me live more sustainably has been making simple swaps whenever and wherever I see them. So when I opened the lid of my bathroom trashcan to toss *another* used cotton round after washing my face one night, I knew there had to be a better solution. The idea to crochet a reusable version immediately sprang to mind…almost as if the solution was right in front of my face. Queue the laughter (you know I had to do it).

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For this project, I used Lion Brand Yarn’s Re-Up yarn in Ecru. What I love about this yarn is that it’s soft on the skin, but still has enough texture to get your face clean. It’s also ultra absorbent and can easily be cleaned in your washer and dryer (just throw your scrubbies in a garment bag so they don’t get lost). Best part? This yarn is made from recycled cotton, saving the environment 1,400 liters of water with each ball. WIN-WIN-WIN!

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This pattern is beginner-friendly and you can whip up a whole army of them in a single Netflix session, making them the perfect couch craft. To get the free Crochet Daisy Face Scrubbie sent right to your inbox, subscribe to my mailing list here !


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