DIY Pressed Penny Stitch Markers


As a work-from-home mom, sometimes it can be really hard to fit in all the projects I want to do for fun on top of everything else I have to accomplish in a single day. That’s why I really want to focus on “mini” crafts this year – that is, simple DIY’s that’ll take less than half an hour to complete from start to finish. It’s a simple way to get my creative fix without overwhelming myself during the busier days or weeks that can be unavoidable sometimes.




I’ve been collecting pressed pennies from various locations for years now. I don’t know what it is about a pressed penny machine that is so irresistible, but I quickly found I’d had a collection of these things just sitting in drawers with nothing to do with them. I know they sell books to store and display them like coin collectors use, but I just didn’t see the difference between them taking up space in a drawer vs. taking up space on a shelf.




So once I started a crochet project that required me to use a stitch-marker, I thought that instead of using a safety pin like I usually did, it was time for an upgrade.




I just used a jewelry double-hole punch like this one to make a small hole in the top of the penny, then joined a jump ring and lobster claw clasp to attach it to the yarn.




Ta-da! 5 minutes later I had a whole slew of pressed penny stitch-markers at my disposal.


So, if you’ve got an extra 5 minutes to yourself at some point today, what mini craft will you make?

Happy making!



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