Denim Skirt From Old Jeans DIY




As I mentioned in this post, my sewing UFO pile is getting a bit out of hand. Since I completed a new project (this Sabrina-inspired look), I had to keep the promise I made to myself and sew something from my Stash of Shame. These skull embroidered jeans caught my eye and I figured they make a great project for the week before Halloween! I adore these jeans (originally from Lucky Brand), but since having my daughter, they no longer come up over my hips. So, I had the idea to convert them into a denim skirt that I could wear to enjoy the last of the warmer weather during spooky season.




This is a pretty quick and easy DIY that’s great for beginner sewists or as an afternoon craft for the seasoned maker. (P.S. I will also be sharing this tutorial on my YouTube channel…stay tuned!)



  • Seam Ripper

  • Scissors

  • Sewing Machine (you can also hand sew)

  • Pins

  • Chalk / Marking Tool

  • Measuring Tape




STEP 1: Using your seam ripper, unpick the threads along the inner leg seam + crotch. This can take a while, so make sure you put on a good podcast or a fun show to watch while you let it rip!




STEP 2: Layer the now opened crotch seam and pin in place.




STEP 3: Using your tape measure, measure how long you would like your skirt to be and mark it with your chalk.




STEP 4: Cut the legs to length.

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STEP 5: Using the denim scraps from the legs, cut out a small square of fabric to insert in the open area. Pin in place




STEP 6: Sew in place. Trim away any extra threads or excess fabric and enjoy your denim skirt!




I love the way denim skirts look layered with tights or with tall boots for fall. It’s the perfect fun, statement piece for me to wear on family trips to the pumpkin patch or brisk fall walks since the weather hasn’t gotten too cold just yet!




If you make your own denim skirt using this tutorial, make sure to tag me @happymakes_me because I would absolutely love to see and share your makes!

Happy making!



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