Five Things On A Friday – Summer Of Love Sewing

The excessive heat advisory has finally subsided here in Toledo, but damn…it is still HOT! Lately, all I can think about is how much I am dying to make something loose, breezy, and comfortable for the summer days to come (Basically, if it makes me feel like I’m naked, I want it in my wardrobe!). I don’t know about you, but when I think of easy breezy clothing it automatically springs to mind the dreamy silhouettes of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Maybe that’s why it was the summer(s) of love? Probably. ANYWAY – here are a few lovely patterns I can’t wait to get in my summer wardrobe, man!

When I’m done buying a stairway to Heaven, I’m gonna get myself a Suki Robe from Helen’s Closet.

*undershirt optional

If it’s good enough for Janis, then a jumpsuit like this McCall’s Pattern is good enough for me, babe!

Nothing is more classically vintage than a mini skirt. Bonus points if you use scrap fabric to create a bewitching patchwork version of this Tilly and the Buttons Ness skirt like Sam’s.

If you’re not twirling in your favorite maxi dress at some type of music festival, is it even the summer of ’69? I don’t think so. Better get this M7974 before you go to a concert and leave behind any toilet that isn’t a port-a-pottie for a few days.

Just need a floppy hat and some Twiggy lashes with this Jim Dungaree from Ready To Sew and I’m golden!

What’s your favorite era of clothing to draw inspiration from? Peace and love to you whoever you are, thanks for reading!


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