Free Bird – The Bathurst Top from Stitch Witch Patterns

I am so so excited to finally be able to share this sweet and sexy make with you guys! I had the honor of getting to test the Bathurst Top from Stitch Witch Patterns earlier this month, and now that it’s open to the public I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Read on to find out more!

The Bathurst is a top pattern for light to medium-weight fabrics with a gorgeous open back that ties at the waist. Not only was this top my very first pattern test, but it was also my very first refashion!

I bought this damaged rayon dress from Lucky Brand years ago and had always intended to fix the torn button closure…but after having my daughter 3 years ago, it wasn’t even close to fitting by the time I got back around to it. After a couple of days unpicking the seams, I was able to use it cut out my pattern pieces and give it new life.

Now, this top isn’t something I would typically wear or make for myself. But I’m so glad I did because I can see it being my favorite date-night piece during the warmer months. I already have plans to wear this for my wedding anniversary in August!

Because I made this in a lightweight rayon, I made sure to interface on the facing pieces for a little extra support. I love how breezy and dreamy this piece is, especially with the tie detail in the back.

This pattern definitely has some vintage, casual-cool vibes to it which is sooooooo up my ally. I love how the boho-inspired print of the fabric takes the 70’s feel to the next level. Perfect for pairing with high rise jeans and denim skirts.

Real talk- this is not a bra-friendly pattern. As someone who needs a bra (C cup and a mama that breastfed!) I was more than intimidated at first. I already have a “sticky bra” (similar) in my wardrobe (basically bra cups that stick right to your boobs) which helped provide a little more shaping and coverage. However, with the light fabric, there’s still quite a bit of movement going on under there! Personally, I’m not bothered by it- stop being scared of boobies, people! BUT, If this makes you uncomfortable, I would recommend making this top in a slightly heavier woven, like linen or light chambray, for a little more coverage and stability.

Can we just talk about the open back for a second? Hello, Gorgeous! I am crazy in love with the look, and with the fact that I can show off some skin without feeling overexposed or like something I want to keep hidden is going to accidentally slip out. I think the higher neckline in the front helps to keep this top sexy, yet sophisticated.

I never realized it before, but I think my back might be my favorite asset to flaunt! And because I don’t typically go for poofy party dresses or overly intricate pieces, I think patterns like this are going to be my #sewfrosting loves – garments that are ever so slightly outside my comfort zone but timeless, fun, and special.

I would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone looking for a quick or beginner-friendly sew with a design element that’s out-of-the-box and just plain cool. If #hotgirlsummer makes a reappearance in 2020, this top will definitely be included. Also, I just realized I have no clue what the hell “#hotgirlsummer” even means…but you know what I’m talking about, right?

Happy making!




PATTERN: The Bathurst Top  by Stitch Witch Patterns

FABRIC: Rayon refashioned from a Lucky Brand dress

SIZE: I made a size 14, which ran true to size. My measurements are:

Bust: 37.5″

Waist: 31″

Hips: 40″

KNOWLEDGE OBTAINED: Stable fabric is your friend. Test patterns whenever you can, it’s fun as hell.

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  1. Caley! I am SO impressed! I can’t even properly express myself. This is gorgeous!! I also love your embroidery on a B&W photo! What a treasure you are!

      1. I have always admired your sense of style, but THIS! This is creative ingenuity! That’s what this is. You go, girl!

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