Getting Cozy – My November Making Plans




Celebrating Halloween at home this past weekend with my little family had me seriously appreciating my coziness. We binged movies (and candy), made lots of popcorn and hot chocolate, and I pretty much lived in my fluffy sweaters under my favorite blanket with knitting needles in hand. Life doesn’t get much better than that if you ask me.




With the whirlwind of Holiday Season fast approaching, I wanted to take the month of November to hold onto that cozy feeling in order to remind me to slow down, enjoy my family and my environment, and practice some self care. So, I wanted to share a few of my crafty plans for the month to hopefully remind you to do the same!



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I just finished knitting my very first sweater and I am in love! I’ve been itching to get something else started on my needles ASAP, so when I cam across this vintage pattern, I pounced. I’m not sure what yarn I’ll use yet, but I’m thinking of trying to achieve the same marled look in the photo by doubling up lighter weight yarns. Maybe something like this chainette yarn from Lion Brand amber and cream for Christmas time?


I have been dragging my feet when it comes to sewing a jumpsuit because I juts can’t decide which pattern to try first. But as hard pants (aka jeans) become harder and harder to wear with the temps dropping, I caved and decided I should just get on the Zadie Train already (especially after seeing one layered with a turtleneck underneath on IG. TOO CUTE!)




Another knitting project, this time a beret (get the pattern here). I mean, c’mon. JUST LOOK AT IT!!




I love this mini mohair knit your own scrunchie kit, but I don’t think my skills are ready to handle such a small knit just yet. Plus, it’s got me thinking of the GIANT scrunchie trend, so I think I may be coming up with my own pattern to super-size this type of style. Hmmmmm….




I had actually attempted the Hinterland Dress from Sew Liberated earlier this year (the longer sleeved version), but for some reason cut out my pattern and fabric pieces about 4 sizes too small? IDK if I was possessed or drunk or what could have caused me to completely overlook the huge size discrepancy, but it was enough trouble to put me off for a while. *SIGH*. Oh, well, I’m over it, and I think I’m ready to sew up a new one to layer under a few of my chunky sweaters and cardigans on days where I’m not leaving the house at all (which is most of them at this point haha!)

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This is the one I am most nervous for because it will be my biggest project yet, but I am beyond excited to finally dive into the world of coats! I just received my lovely fabric (gifted from Minerva) and have settled on the Soho Coat from Tessuti Fabrics. I think this will be a good pattern to start with. It says it’s for intermediate sewers, which I definitely don’t consider myself to be (“confident beginner” hey-yoooo!) but since it’s a more relaxed fit with only one button closure and unlined, I think it’ll be fine. Wish me luck!

I probably won’t get to all of these projects since I’m also starting several Christmas gifts this month, but if I can completely finish at least one of these I’ll be happy. And a girl can always dream, can’t she?

What projects do you have in the works this month? Have you already started on your me-made gifts? Whatever you’ve got going on-

Happy Making!



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