My 2020 Make 9 Goals

I’ve seen a lot of other makers sharing their make 9 challenge goals on Insta and I think this is the year I’m finally going to join in the fun. I made a board last year filled with things I thought I was going to make, but never really hit the ground running. This time around, I made sure to put more thought in my goals, only focusing on pieces that I need in my current wardrobe (not just nice-to-haves) and pieces I feel genuinely fit my current style without much tweaking. Honestly, if I just make one of these pieces, I’ll call it a win. Luckily, I already have the pattern pieces for my Seamwork Dani pinafore cut out, so here’s hoping!

  1. Hot Toddy CoatOur Lady of Leisure

  2. Kenzie SkirtSeamwork

  3. Freya Sweater + Dress (from her book Stretch!)- Tilly and the Buttons

  4. Rosebud Raglan SweaterKnits ‘N Knots

  5. Dani PinaforeSeamwork

  6. Ariana DressStyle Arc

  7. Dawn JeansMegan Nielsen Patterns

  8. Arielle SkirtTilly and the Buttons

  9. Campfire Sweater Darling Jadore



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