Take Your Mama – The Patsy Overalls from Ready To Sew




Another sewn garment in the span of two weeks? What am I, an actual sewist or something?!




With social distancing still very much a thing we’re doing right now, I’ve been utilizing this time to tackle a nagging task and address my “new uniform”. I work from home now, but my wardrobe still very much reflects my old retail manager lifestyle I’m no longer living. As much as I’d love to start a flowy party dress to wear to all the weddings and showers I’ve got planned after the world is back to normal, I am in desperate need to find some TNT patterns for my easygoing everyday life.




I am OBSESSED with overalls and pinafores. Anything I can throw on in 30 seconds while looking cute is a must-have for me, so when I first saw the Patsy Overalls from Ready To Sew, I instantly fell in love.




My favorite part about this design is the deceptively simple details. The panelling throughout the jumpsuit, the slash pockets on the sides, and the shoulder tie…*chef’s kiss.* Details like these make this piece look elevated and unique, while the relaxed fit and beginner-friendly construction make for an approachable pattern.

This was my first time using a RTS pattern, and I have to say I really enjoyed it! The biggest hurdle for me (as an American) was figuring out how to convert the metrics used in this French pattern to inches. I found this conversion template to be an essential tool throughout the process.



The pattern suggests using a more structured woven fabric, and I luckily had just the right amount of this olive chino twill in my stash gifted from my mom for my birthday 2 years ago. And would you believe I even had the thread to match?! Since I had no plans to leave my house to get supplies in the age of COVID, I was more than delighted that my teeny tiny stash came through for me! I wouldn’t recommend this fabric, per se, since it has built-in stretch that isn’t necessary for this pattern and was kind of annoying to work with (since I knew I wouldn’t be benefitting from it). When I make this again, I’d love to try it in printed linen or floral cotton. Something a little more breathable and fun!




At first glance, the many panels looked like they may be slightly out of my reach. But with no fitting required and no closures to sew, once I got started I thought “What the hell was I so worried about?”. In fact, the most arduous task was assembling and cutting out my at-home printed pattern pieces…especially since I wasn’t paying attention and first assembled the wrong size range. Definitely a face palm moment, but hey- if you’re gonna fuck up you might as well do it early amiriiiiiight?!?!?



This piece also took me a little longer to construct (probably about 6 hours over the course of a week) because I opted to do french seams. With all those long-ass seams from the panelling running the length of the garment…it added up. But the effort was well worth it and looks amazing! I am so happy with the results!



I chose to hem the bottom with the cuff on the outside. Cuffing my pants has sort of become my signature style. I know I’ll probably end up rolling the hem further for a slightly cropped effect anyway, so I figured I might as well embrace the look.




The only semi-issue I had with this pattern was the facings. They kept wanting to pop back out at the sides when I put the overalls on, but it was nothing that a little stitch-in-the-ditch couldn’t fix.




I would 10/10 recommend this pattern for beginners or anyone looking for a quick make or wardrobe essential. For me, I have a difficult time finding beginner-friendly patterns with a more advanced or interesting design element. No circle skirts or boxy tops for me, please (though I do love this one from CCP). Maybe I’ll do a post about more progressive looking beginner patterns in the future. This will absolutely be on the list!




Easy, breezy, beautiful, coveralls! I am stupid in love with this garment and I know she will barely leave my body until next winter gets here. I’ve already started planning my next Patsy, just deciding between fabrics at the moment.

Happy Making, loves!




PATTERN: Patsy Overalls by Ready To Sew

FABRIC: Stretch Chino Twill in Olive from JoAnn Fabrics

SIZE: I made a size 42, which ran true to size. My measurements are:

Bust: 37.5″

Waist: 31″

Hips: 40″

KNOWLEDGE OBTAINED: French all the fucking seams. You won’t be sorry.

2 thoughts on “Take Your Mama – The Patsy Overalls from Ready To Sew

  1. Oh nooo, I just bought a new overalls pattern and a new jumpsuit pattern, the last thing I need is heart-eyes for yet one more!! It looks terrific – I love the color and the French seams were so worth it.

    1. These are hands down one of my most worn makes, so I really can’t recommend the pattern enough! I’m actually wearing overalls as I type this, so I’d be curious to hear what patterns you just got since I’m obviously a fan! 🤣 Thanks for reading!

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