How To Refashion A Denim Skirt From Jeans

Looking for a new way to refashion your old jeans? Then follow this DIY to turn them into a denim skirt! This easy step-by-step tutorial is beginner-friendly or a quick afternoon project for seasoned sewists. Keep your jeans out of the donation pile by giving them this fresh and fun makeover. Keep reading to learn how to refashion a denim skirt from jeans!

I’ve had these embroidered skull jeans for years, but since having my kiddo they sadly no longer fit. But, I loved them too much to get rid of them. I got tired of seeing them waste away in my closet and decided it was time to bring them back out again in a new way. The jeans were originally a mid-rise, so I figured I could get them to fit at the smallest part of my waist if I could just raise them up a bit. By opening up the crotch seam to turn the jeans into a skirt, I was able to create a high-rise mini skirt that fits perfectly around my waist and looks incredible. I am so happy with the end result! To make your own, follow the steps below:

(P.S. You can also view the entire sewing tutorial on my YouTube channel here!)


  • Seam Ripper
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine (you can also hand sew)
  • Pins
  • Chalk / Marking Tool
  • Measuring Tape

STEP 1: Using your seam ripper, unpick the threads along the inner leg seam + crotch. This can take a while, so make sure you put on a good podcast or a fun show to watch while you let it rip!

STEP 2: Now layer the opened crotch seam and pin in place.

STEP 3: Next, use your tape measure and mark how long you would like your skirt to be with your chalk.

STEP 4: After you’ve marked your desired length, cut the denim at the legs.

STEP 5: Using the denim scraps from the legs, cut out a small square of fabric to insert in the open area. Pin in place.

STEP 6: Now sew the square in place. After that, trim away any extra threads or fabric and you’re done!

The best part about this denim skirt is the versatility. I can wear it with sneakers and a t-shirt in the warmer months or layered with tights and boots once it cools down. The embroidered skulls on this denim really make it for me, though. I’m so glad I was able to preserve this totally unique denim for my wardrobe! I’ve gotten so much use out of this skirt and I receive compliments every time I wear it out! It just goes to show the difference a little refashioning can make!

If you make your own denim skirt using this tutorial, make sure to follow + tag me on Instagram: @happymakes_me. I would absolutely love to see and share your makes!

You can also view the entire sewing tutorial on my YouTube channel here!

Happy making!



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