Jack’O’Planter DIY




You guys, when I say I’m proud of this Dad Joke…you’d better believe I am so proud of myself for the phrase jack’o’planter (cue the roaring laughter of thousands).

Now that we’ve all calmed down from that clearly hilarious joke, let me just talk about how thrilled I am to be entering the fall months. Maybe I’m a #basicbitch, but I adore all things fall, pumpkin + pumpkin spice, spooky, witchy, and yes, Halloween-y. This year has been the pits, so I am allowing myself for the first time ever to go all out this holiday season to bring myself as much happiness and cheer as possible. Why not? If it sparks joy for you, then I say- tally ho! 🎃 👻.




I think I’m going to draw out the decorating process a bit longer (i.e. start decorating earlier) this Halloween season because that is hands down my favorite part of autumn. For my first craft, I thought it would be fun to add a few jack’o’lantern faces to the planters in my living room to officially welcome our new plant friends into our weird little fambly.




I cannot get over how cute these turned out! My daughter absolutely loves them, and for how much joy they bring me after the quick 5 minutes they took to create, I definitely got a lot of return on my spooky investment!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:





  • Vinyl cling (I used black, but I think it could also be fun to use a bright yellow to make them look like they’re lit up!)

  • Pencil

  • Scrap paper

  • Scissors

  • Plant pot




Step 1: On a scrap piece of paper, draw out your jack’o’planter’s face. I decided to lay my paper on top of the planter and trace around the general area I was going to be applying the face to get a better idea for scale. Then, I just drew out a few different test faces until I landed on the ones I liked best. As you can tell from the photos, I made a couple different versions of these, so you can play around a bit…just like when carving an actual jack’o’lantern.

Step 2: Cut out your face pieces. You’ll be using them as your templates for the vinyl.




Step 3: Trace the paper face pieces on the back of your vinyl cling. Cut out.




Step 4: Apply the vinyl pieces to your planter and TA-DA! Now you’ve got a quick and cute Halloween craft to enjoy all season long!




What I love most about this craft is how easy it is to decorate your current space for the holiday. Once Halloween is done, you can just remove the vinyl sticker pieces. It’s super quick and would also be a really fun project for kiddos. The above is version #1.




And this guy is version #2! They’re like my spoopy little children, I love them both differently, but equally 🤗

Have you started decorating for fall yet? I’d love to hear all the ways you’ve begun to celebrate!

Happy making!



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