My 5 Favorite Albums To Play For Valentine’s Day

One of my favorite hobbies is collecting vinyl records, and I never pass up an opportunity to create my own soundtrack. With Valentine’s only a few days away, I thought I’d share a few love-filled albums that I can’t wait to spin on my turntable and hopefully provide you with some inspiration of what to add to the mix-tape you’re probably making for your crush. Enjoy!

1.Universal Love: Wedding Songs Reimagined – Various Artists

Intended to be played at same-sex weddings, all the songs on this album come with a gender flip (ex. St.Vincent singing “..and then she kissed me” instead of he). I was fortunate enough to pick up this vinyl on Record Store Day a couple of years ago and it’s by far one of the most romantic albums I’ve ever heard. Ben Gibbard’s version of “And I Love Him” is equal parts heart warming and heart breaking, making it entirely beautiful.

2. Classics – She & Him

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward are at it again in this greatest hits album of love songs from years gone by. Dreamy and serene, it’s hard not to feel a bit lightheaded after giving this vinyl a spin. Zooey’s ghostly vocals on “Stay Awhile” make this Dusty Springfield cover hauntingly love-sick, yet devastatingly upbeat while Ward’s guitar gently weeps. Warning: this one will make you want to dance.

3. Rumors – Fleetwood Mac

Because Valentine’s Day can’t be all flowers and candy hearts. Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship knows what “You Make Loving Fun” feels like…and how sometimes that feeling can sour and force you to “Go Your Own Way”, making this one of the most relatable albums about love of all time.

4. At Last – Etta James

There is no listening to this album – when Etta sings, you feel it. From the fiery delight of declaring ” I Just Want To Make Love To You” to the melancholy hangover that comes from longing for “A Sunday Kind Of Love” Etta leads us through all of it with tenacity, passion, and guts. This album is one tough act to follow.

5. Can’t Get Enough – Barry White

Because it’s just fucking fun. Go ahead and play this album in it’s entirety without dancing or smiling ear to ear at least once. I dare you. This album is all the things you hope love will always be for you- sexy, uplifting, entertaining, and electric. I truly can’t get enough.

What are some of your favorite love songs or albums? Hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love and even more full or chocolate and kick-ass music!



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