New Arrival

Hello friends! After a brief hiatus, I am so excited to be back in my happy place with some great news: Baby M was finally served her eviction notice and joined our family at the end of July!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve just been enjoying this super lovely (but also OMG SO CHALLENGING!!) period as my little family transitions from 3 to 4. This has mostly looked like me completely unplugging, taking my oldest daughter out for mini-dates with cake pops, enjoying my husband’s cooking, and basically being topless 97% of the time with I focus on nursing baby M. It’s messy, it’s exhausting, but it’s also a beautiful time in my life that I have loved soaking in.

That being said, I’m also excited to get back to doing all the things that make me happy. Sneaking in sewing time while the babe naps and wrapping up a knitting project between feeds has helped fill my cup. I’m so proud to be a mom, but I also need time to myself in my little basement studio to be a creative and curious human being too.

It’s been hard to make time, but finding 15-minute pockets here and there every day has been surprisingly productive and fulfilling. Sometimes all you can do is the best you can with what you have. If what you have is a few minutes a day to chip away at a project, TAKE IT! Don’t wait until you can “find the time” to do it all at once. At this point I’m my life, I’m never not busy and the hours tend to disappear in an instant. And I know that’s true for a lot of you. Make the most of what you’ve got. Honestly, you deserve it.

In the meantime, I’ve been finding little joys and treating myself while I muddle through these first few postpartum weeks with little sleep and plenty of “baby blues”. Here are a few silly things that have been making me happy lately:

1) These swaddles are a lifesaver! They put my daughter right to slept and are the perfect size for wrapping up my baby burrito.

2) I’ve taken advantage of my nursing time to finally get into Schitt’s Creek. I want to be Moira Rose when I grow up, though I’m honestly not so sure that that’s a good thing.

3) These Okabashi sandals were great for my hospital room and are so comfy during our family walks. Plus, waterproof for the splash pad.

4) I’m focusing on starting my clean skincare journey at the moment and picked this exfoliator as a special treatment.

5) I finally finished my Tap Cardigan knitting kit and I am so happy with the end result! With fall around the corner, I couldn’t resist picking up some Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend yarn for this sweater.

6) Big M and I still love getting donuts and watching Disney world parades on YouTube. I keep daydreaming about when I’ll finally be able to take my kids there. So many magical adventures to look forward to!

7) Am I the only one getting excited for Halloween and all the fall activities?! Lately, I’ve been enjoying my coffee with a dash of cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice added to the grounds. It’s a vibe, y’all!

8) However, I’m still not quite over summer. Especially now that I can actually go to the park without my feet swelling to twice their size, haha!

9) Starbucks coffee dates on the porch with my husband

10) These bike shorts that I honestly want in every color under the sun.

I’ll be back to my regular crafty content soon, I just wanted to share this sweet little life update with you guys. In the meantime,

Happy making!



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