DIY Retro Headscarf 2 Ways

DIY Retro Headscarf 2 Ways

I am so excited because today I’m sharing my very first YouTube tutorial!

Learn to sew your own vintage-inspired headscarf in 2 different ways in this easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial. The first is a skinny, pinup-style headband. The other, a rockabilly bandana. I’ll also show you several different ways to style each to help make your retro hairstyle dreams come true!

Beginner-friendly and using little fabric, this project is a great scrap buster and both styles can be completed in under an hour. Not bad for an afternoon project  If you make your own, please feel free to share on social media and tag me @happymakes_me because I would LOVE to see and share what you make!

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Happy Making!



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