Minerva Maker Team: The Jessica Dress from Mimi G Style


I am so excited to share my first project for the Minerva Maker Team with you guys today! I got this ultra-snuggly flannel from Minerva Crafts which I used to make this 90’s inspired Jessica Dress from Mimi G Style. You can check out my full review here, but I just wanted to pop in and share the quick and dirty deets about this make for a bit.




Honestly, when I first got this fabric I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. But the more I looked at it, the more the flannel kind of reminded me of those 90’s shows like My So-Called Life and The Secret World of Alex Mac (I was a young child in the 90’s) where it’s perpetually fall for some reason and everyone is always wearing plaid flannel. Then I asked myself what Clarissa Darling would do, and wearing a midi button-down flannel dress with jeans and a beret seemed like the right answer, so off to work I went.




See? Any girl who wears contrasting bell sleeves and 2 pairs of shorts obviously approves of the dress over denim trend. I rest my case. In Clarissa, We Trust.

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This project was really fun to work on because I really didn’t have a clear vision for it at all. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I liked it until I put on the completed piece and thought “ok yeah, this is cool!” It just goes to show you stuff.







PATTERN: The Jessica Dress by Mimi G Style

FABRIC: Plaid Flannel from Minerva Crafts (gifted)

NOTIONS: Black buttons from my stash (similar)

SIZE: I made a size M based on my measurements:

  • B: 38”

  • W: 31″

  • H: 40″

  • Height: 5’4″

ADJUSTMENTS: Doubled the strap width to make it more bra-friendly

KNOWLEDGE OBTAINED: That it’s more important to place buttons where you actually need them, then figure out spacing instead of just placing them where they look aesthetically pleasing. I totally could have avoided some serious bust-gaping otherwise!

Check out the full post on Minerva.com!

Happy making!



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