The Peppermint Pocket Skirt Outfit Mood Boards + A New Way To Plan Your Me-Made Projects!

As an avid mood board creator and project planner, I love discovering new ways to gather inspiration and brainstorm upcoming makes. I’ve tried everything from Pinterest mood boards to notebook sketches! Not anymore, because I’ve recently come across a fun and easy way to start planning my sewing projects that I just had to share with you guys. Using the “Rule of Three Outfits” here are a few outfit ideas for my next project: The Pocket Skirt from Peppermint Magazine!

The Idea:

I just started listening to Seamwork Magazine’s podcast, Seamwork Radio. When I heard this episode, “The Rule Of Three Outfits”, I was completely inspired to give this practice a try. Basically, the idea is that when you are planning your next handmade project, you should start by creating at least 3 different outfits surrounding that piece. That way, you know before cutting into your precious fabric if the project you’re planning will fit into your current wardrobe, while also giving you 3 different ways to style it right off the bat. This ensures that you’ll actually wear it after sewing it up! It’s so simple and seems obvious after you hear it, but it totally blew my mind. So, I decided to try this out and make 3 Peppermint Pocket Skirt outfit mood boards to see if this should be my next sewing project.

To be clear, I am NOT a skirt person which is why I’d been on the fence about whether or not to make this piece. I’m still not even sure if I have enough of the fabric I was planning to use to even make it! This was the perfect practice to help me decide, once and for all, if this skirt actually has a place in my wardrobe. After creating these Peppermint Pocket Skirt outfit mood boards, I can see now that it definitely does. Y’know if I have enough fabric for it, that is haha! (I’m hoping to bust that remaining scraps of this fabric that I previously used to make the comfiest pair of lounge pants.)

Outfit #1: At-Home Staple

The first outfit I’d like to create with the Peppermint Pocket Skirt is something I imagine myself wearing regularly (especially with my very pregnant belly heading into summer weather): worn casually with a knotted t-shirt at the waist and sneakers. T-shirts are about all that fits me right now, and I’ve loved wearing the few that are too short to make it over the bump with a little knot just under my bust. It makes for a timeless, summer-ready look with a modern twist. I can easily wear this look at home with my kid or out and about as the weather continues to get warmer. Total banger of an outfit if you ask me! (1,2,3)

Outfit #2: Elevated Everyday

The next look would be to pair it with a boxy top and strappy sandals for a more elevated everyday vibe. I’m not sure if I like the look of leaving the top out or tucking it into the waistband of the skirt better, but I do like that both styles are an option. For the top, I was thinking of making the Cielo Top from Closet Core Patterns. It’s been on my “to-make” list for a while now, so I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to finally commit to it! (1+2, 3)

Outfit #3: Casual Date Night

Lastly, I adore how the skirt looks with a cropped tank and block heels for a casual date night. I’ve made the Ashton Top from Helen’s Closet already (see it here!) and it’s gotten a lot of wear from me in the past. Unfortunately, it’s a bit snug for me right now since it’s sewn up in a denim fabric that’s a bit thicker than what I’d typically wear for a top. So, I think I’d like to sew up another one in a lightweight linen fabric, preferably one with some stretch. I think the free Luna Tank pattern, also from Helen’s Closet, would be great as a knit option as well. (1, 2+3, 4)

How do you typically plan out your sewing projects? Have you tried this method using “The Rule Of Three Outfits”? If you’re like me and always down for some serious sewing inspiration or to peep some outfit mood boards, be sure to follow me on Pinterest. I save my mood boards there all the time!

Happy Making!



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