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Hey party people! Today I wanted to just share a quick work-in-progress (#wip for the cool kids) post to let you know where I’m at with my fall sewing plans. With fall comin’ in hot (or cold?) I feel like this is the first time I’ve been genuinely excited for the next season in 2020, and it has brought my sew-jo back in a big way. I’ve also been toiling away at my knitting and crochet projects as well, so let me show you where I’m at so far:

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First, I finished my Jessica Dress! I’ll be sharing a bit more about it in a blog post I did for the Minerva Maker Team later on, but I just had to share a little blurb about how much I am freaking in love with this thing here! I made it up in this cozy flannel fabric and it seriously feels like wearing pajamas while also being the coolest article of clothing in my closet. I wore it paired with black jeans, my favorite beret, black booties, and a choker (similar) for these photos, and I seriously can’t get over the insane 90’s vibes in this outfit (choker necklaces will do that). I’m thinking of doing an outfit post about this dress later because I have a lot of ideas on different ways it can be worn through fall all the way to winter. This make was the perfect project to start off the season and gives me all the fall feels 🍂


Funny story: I needed my husband, Franco, to take these photos for me, which meant bringing our daughter, Mirah, along for the photo shoot. While I was busy asking him to take detail shots of the pockets, homegirl decided to help me out by using them to store a few rocks to add to her collection. Half my dress was practically falling off of me during the walk home because it was so weighed down!

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Next, I am happy to say that I am chipping away at my first knitted beanie! I’m gonna be honest…I am OVER IT. Mostly because I am so new to knitting (this is only my second project ever, the first being a super simple chunky cowl) and I can see quite a few mistakes. As you can probably tell from the third photo, I’m not sure I’m evening doing it right, haha! I know deep down that this is all part of the learning process, but it is a bit discouraging since my hat isn’t turning out quite like I hoped it would. Oh well. I’m challenging myself to carry on and finish it though because it would look really cute for fall (notice how much I love red hats above, haha!) and I think I could use the practice before taking on my next knitting project…this sweater. We’ll get there, we’ll get there.

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I’ve been spending my evenings on the couch switching back and forth between the beanie and this adorable pullover. I’m using the exact same yarn as used in the pattern photos (this one) and I could not be more thrilled with it. I made this cardigan using the same yarn a year ago and I got so much wear out of it during the fall and winter, so I know this raglan is going to be a winner. Again, I can already see a few mistakes, but these ones are a lot less noticeable so they bother me zero. If you’re curious, I accidentally mixed up the stitch pattern on one of my rows, so the bobbles are a bit off in one area. Honestly, I don’t think anyone would be able to tell if I didn’t point it out, so it’s all fine by me!


The next project I’m planning to start this week is my Arielle skirt for a special little project I can’t wait to share with you guys soon! All I’ll say is it’s a look I’ve had in mind for a looooong time, and it could not be more fitting for the Halloween season! I have been stroking this snuggly flannel fabric that I bought for it ever since it arrived in the mail last week, and I don’t think these vintage buttons I had in my collection could look any more magical with it. This is going to be a fun one!

Apart from all of that, I have a few quick and easy Halloween crafts and fall decor projects planned that I might just share on my YouTube channel later on this month. It’s felt really good to dive all-in with this season, so I’m just going to do my best to embrace this time of year and have as much fun with it as humanly possible.

What are you working on lately?

Happy making!



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