A Few Things That Make Me Happy

Am I the only one who constantly feels like their head is melting and that time no longer exists and nothing matters?!

…surely I can’t be alone in this. Have you seen the news lately? At least I’ve been able to leave my phone inside while I take a quite moment to relax on my front porch and crochet a bit, so there are bright spots in my day!


But for today, I thought I’d treat myself and focus on the things that are stress free and SPARK JOY! And since the title of the blog is “Happy Makes Me” I feel it’s kinda my duty to share things that’ll make you feel happy too 

1.) I’ve been cleaning up my craft room for the last 2 hours and realized I could really use a cute cabinet to store some of my materials that I’d rather my 3yo didn’t throw across the floor lol. I am obsessed with this IKEA hack from Lone Fox. SO GORGEOUS.

2.) I told Jeff Bezos to suck it and cancelled my Amazon Prime subscription in order to focus more on supporting small, indie, and locally owned businesses. I’ve already discovered so many stores I wish I would have known about sooner like this one with the most magical jewelry I’ve ever seen.

3.) I am so excited about this album that I bought on vinyl and this beautiful mug that I bought my husband for Father’s Day (don’t tell him)!

4.) We also just purchased a few beautiful prints from this Etsy shop to hang over our mantle and I cannot wait to look at them everyday when I come downstairs in the morning.

5.) My family also started purchasing out produce through a farm share program near us and I’ve never seen spinach or tomatoes this big and beautiful in my life. And yes, they are delicious.

6.) I am on a Podcast kick! This episode from Mimi G’s Business S.H.E.T. pod, and this mini episode from Happier with Gretchen Rubin really spoke to me.

7.) Anyone else excited about The Last Of Us launching this week? My husband and I started playing and I only jumped about a dozen times, haha!

8.) Speaking of the spooky stuff, I just saw The Invisble Man with Elizabeth Moss for the first time this week. Incredible.

9.) I refashioned an old shirt that I had originally bought for Franco to wear on our honeymoon into a dress for our daughter and it gives me all the feels.

10.) I’m working on one of my 30 Before 31 goals and adding more greenery to my home finally! I just purchased a beautiful Bonsai known as a “money tree” (hey-oooooo!) and I’m thinking about adding either an ivy plant or maybe some dried eucalyptus in a vase to our mantle as well. What do you think?

BONUS – It’s Juneteenth! Truthfully, this is the first year I’ve heard of this holiday and the first time I’ve noticed anyone celebrating. I’m so honored to be able to listen and learn from those sharing their knowledge about this incredible day, and I’m celebrating with my daughter by watching this Juneteenth Storytime in order to learn more about it.

What’s making you happy these days? I hope you’re taking great care, staying safe, and making a truly happy life for yourself.



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